Technology Scouting

Packaging materials should guarantee both aesthetic and barrier
properties in order to maintain quality and safety of packaged goods.
In this framework BlueThink performed a Technology scouting to find
innovative solutions that could protect from external contamination
and with low environmental impact. Technologies coming from
almost 20 Solvers distributed in 7 countries have been found: hybrid
polymers, cyclic olefin, liquid crystal polymers, clay and cellulose
nanocomposites, active scavengers. Each solution was evaluated with
respect to properties, cost, applicability and transferability gap.

Design & Simulation

BlueThink worked on the substitution of steel and concrete with
composite materials through the realization of lighter and cheaper
structures, that could keep logistic and installation costs to a
minimum. Starting from a 3D-fabric employed in aerospace sector, a
whole re-engineering process has been performed: structural CAD
, thermo-mechanical FEM simulation, maximum load
prediction, thermal-induced stresses calculation, EOL end of life
prediction. The result is an innovative composite material that can be
transported as flexible and hardened during installation process with
mechanical properties similar to those of steel (patent US2014251638).

Prototyping & Lab Test

An inspection apparatus for monitoring the structural integrity of a
pipeline has been designed, prototyped and tested by BlueThink. This
device should reduce pipeline operative risk: it contains a
superconducting electromagnet instead of a permanent magnet, and
flexible components able to dissolve through an extended contact
with hydrocarbons instead of rigid metallic structures. A high
resolution sensitive apparatus was transferred from NDT metallic
rope sector. BlueThink designed, prototyped, lab and field-tested,
sub-systems and integrated system, reaching optimal
detection properties (patent US2014312890).

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