Technology Scouting

The Technology Scouting service is conceived to help clients explore
technology transfer solutions. Thanks to our multi-scale approach,
we analyse the client’s target identifying technological bottlenecks.
We then surf our 300-Solvers Network to find solutions, originated in
different sectors. The output is a set of possible solutions integrated
with technical specifications, conceptual designs, experimental
evaluations to allow the client to choose an innovation strategy.


The Cross Fertilization Workshop, or CFW, is a brainstorming
designed to help people with scientific and technical
backgrounds generate radical innovation ideas.
CFWs stress the Technology Transfer concept: cutting-edge
technologies from different industries are presented to the
participants guiding them to find applications in their activity sector.

Open Innovation Watching

The Open Innovation Watching is an annual technology observatory,
tailored to the specific needs of our customer. The purpose of the
service is to promote the identification and adoption of technologies
developed in different sectors to guarantee our client a new source
of innovation and clear competitive edge. The service consists of a
quarterly overview designed to ensure a wide-range perception of
emerging technologies and of three further scouting works, focussed
on the specific topic of interest of the client.

Market Analysis

Our service is far different from a classical market study. Starting
from a deep comprehension of the technology we are evaluating,
we conceive its application in many sectors considering the added
value in each of them and characterising the potential market for all
relevant cases. Our consideration is not based on a few interviews,
we work analysing scientific literature and quantitative data.